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Written by William Finney   
Friday, 07 September 2007

Why donate to ?

Keeping the site up and running unfortunately costs money. There is the cost of hosting this site as well as several hours of my time in writing the articles and maintaining the site each day.  While the size of these costs in absolute terms, for the time being, is not very large it is a sigificant cost to me right now.

Who should donate ?

This site is free to use and I would hope you continue to visit and use this site regardless of whether you can make a donation.  If you feel like the site is a valuable resource, and you can afford to do so, then please consider donating.  Please remember you are in no way obliged to donate, but doing so will help keep the site going and encourage me to expand this project.

How do I donate ?

You can donate to the site via PayPal using the icon below.


What does a donation do for you ?

A donation gives you the knowledge that you're doing something to help provide a resource for homeschoolers everywhere!

About your donation.

Please understand that you are voluntarily making a donation to support the site. There are no \benefits or areas where donating visitors have special access to on the main site. You are in no way purchasing any part of the site or domains associated with the site.  Your donation is completely voluntary.  We are not a tax-exempt or charitable organization and we cannot provide a receipt for tax purposes.  Your donation is not tax deductable.

Thank You for considering making a donation today!

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